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The North Creek Forest is 63.8 acres on the side of Maywood Hill in Bothell, Washington.  This second growth, mature forest has nine wetlands and seven streams connecting to North Creek, the Sammamish Slough, and the Puget Sound.  The importance of fresh water feeding these waterways is shown in the salmon habitat provided supporting the Sound’s Orca population.  There has been increased development allowed in this area because it is within the Urban Growth Boundary line set to control urban sprawl.  The life of North Creek and surrounding wetlands has received attention from various agencies, conservancy groups, and governances (SEE WIRA 8 plan #N371, name North Creek Reach 2 to protect boy scout property). per.


Sandi was born in Saskatchewan, Canada on her grandfather’s farm.  Sandi was influenced early in life by the natural beauty of the land.  When she came to Seattle, Washington at age 20, she fell in love with the majestic rainforests


Auction Fundraiser at Grazie’s last month

Thank all that attended our auction last month, we raised very needed funds in our goal of saving the North Creek forest.  We hope everyone enjoyed not only the delicious dinner, but also the bidding and the items they won - all while helping our environment in the process.  Thank you for your support!


















What is HOW ?

We are a grassroots environmental organization dedicated to preserving the forest in Bothell, WA.  The size and completeness of the forest benefits the entire Puget Sound ecological system.  A dedicated group of volunteers attempting to maintain and improve the water, air, and overall quality of life along North Creek.  We embrace this effort because increasingly our world is becoming impacted by over-development.  The preservation of key ecosystems in our urban and suburban areas we believe is our responsibility to keep the circle of life intact for the benefit of all.