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The importance of this property not only to nature and the animals, but to the community and youth, their education, and their future as well.  HOW appreciates all the support from our neighbors and newly found friends and businesses.



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There are many animals in the HOW property, and  the development of the property  would impact not only their welfare but even the survival of the wide variety of species that call “The Boy Scout Property” home.


HOW Property Gallery


The North Creek Forest is 63.8 acres on the side of Maywood Hill in Bothell, Washington. This second growth, mature forest has nine wetlands and seven streams connecting to North Creek, the Sammamish Slough and the Puget Sound.


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A non-profit group of residents and businesses defending the natural refuge in the heart of Bothell, WA

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Just recently HOW recently acquired status as a 501C3, which means your donations are now tax deductible! Donations are more than needed, and any amount helps. For now, please mail them in - we may be able to accept them online in the future.  Also please join our newsletter, and volunteering and/or support at council meetings is always appreciated.

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We welcome and invite Corporations, Businesses, and Groups to get involved. If interested, or know of any business or association that would like to help, please contact us!


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The National Audubon Society spoke to the impact of human settlement; “30,000 acres of wildlife habitat is lost in Washington State each year to urban development.”


Many factors have contributed to wildlife population decline in Washington:

Habitat destruction

Wetland drainage


Introduction of alien species


We have an opportunity to save the 63.8 acres of forest by matching the CFT Grant with funds donated by citizens and businesses - Please join our cause!  Donate what you can, volunteer to improve the property, and attend Bothell’s City Council meetings.  And also dont forget to sign up for our newsletter today!

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