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The importance of this property not only to nature and the animals, but to the community and youth, their education, and their future as well.  HOW appreciates all the support from our neighbors and newly found friends and businesses.



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There are many animals in the HOW property, and  the development of the property  would impact not only their welfare but even the survival of the wide variety of species that call “The Boy Scout Property” home.


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The North Creek Forest is 63.8 acres on the side of Maywood Hill in Bothell, Washington. This second growth, mature forest has nine wetlands and seven streams connecting to North Creek, the Sammamish Slough and the Puget Sound.


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A non-profit group of residents and businesses defending the natural refuge in the heart of Bothell, WA

For years we have worked against all odds to stop builders and reserve the 63.8 acres in Bothell.  The following news and articles are portrait the journey of our efforts. . . .


Mayor Lamb says Bothell can't afford 'Boy Scout Property'

06/10  Bothell



05/10  Husky Herald


Bothell takes first step to preserving 'Boy Scout' land

07/09  Bothell Reporter


Once-wooded camps sold of to developers

01/09  Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Preserving open space

10/09  Bothell Reporter


Speak out to keep houses away from Boy Scout acreage - 02/09  Bothell Reporter



“Some benefits of the Boy Scout property”

Report by Dan Paquette

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