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The importance of this property not only to nature and the animals, but to the community and youth, their education, and their future as well.  HOW appreciates all the support from our neighbors and newly found friends and businesses.



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There are many animals in the HOW property, and  the development of the property  would impact not only their welfare but even the survival of the wide variety of species that call “The Boy Scout Property” home.


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The North Creek Forest is 63.8 acres on the side of Maywood Hill in Bothell, Washington. This second growth, mature forest has nine wetlands and seven streams connecting to North Creek, the Sammamish Slough and the Puget Sound.


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A non-profit group of residents and businesses defending the natural refuge in the heart of Bothell, WA

The History of HOW

HOW began in the year 2000 when a developer showed interest in the 63.8 acres known locally as the Boy Scout Property.  Community members organized to educate and enlighten the surrounding community and government entities to the value of the hillside forest.  In 2001, HOW conducted a petition to halt master planning of a road that would essentially cut through the heart of valuable wildlife habitat within the 63.8 acres.  Over the following years, HOW advocated preserving the property in it’s entirety for the future.  In 2004 it was proposed to change the zoning code for two area forests.  HOW organized 300 people to attend a City Council meeting and protest the zoning change.  The zoning for the Boy Scout Property was not changed.


After the success with local zoning, HOW began working toward compiling evidence proving the property’s value in wetlands and habitat.  It had become apparent that the community would have to go to court to protect the property from development.  HOW conducted numerous fund raisers during the next few years to be able to proceed in their efforts.  How incorporated at this time.  In 2006 HOW hired the well respected wildlife expert, Don Norman to prepare a report about the acreage.  As fundraising efforts continued through 2007, HOW engaged Keith Fabing, the wetlands expert to prepare a report on the multiple wetlands and streams within the 63.8 acres.  In 2007, HOW hired Smith & Lowney, Attorneys at Law specializing in Environmental Law.  In 2008 HOW made the local papers with an “Auction with a Cause . . .Environment”.  The large auction helped offset the experts and legal fees.  In November 2008 the court found inconsistencies in the developer’s plan and the case ended in inaction.


How began focusing on preserving the property in a proactive manner.  The economic downturn provided an opportunity to pursue funding for wetlands and habitat through governmental and granting entities.  In 2009 Don Norman (Wildlife Expert) did a Functional Assessment Model (FAM).  It was developed by the watershed company for the City of Bellevue.  The results of the assessment indicated that the Boy Scout Property is of high value.  Revisions to the wetlands and wildlife habitat reports are revised annually.


How sought funding from the City of Bothell, King County, and the State of Washington.  Working with the City of Bothell, HOW initiated efforts toward securing a substantial Conservation Futures Fund Grant from King County.  HOW also contracted and secured status from WIRA 8 (Lake Washington, Cedar, Sammamish Watershed Salmon Recovery Council) on the 10 year plan.  This is a plan listing the most important areas designated to protect within the next 10 years.  Both of these milestones were successful, after a couple of years of hard work, in 2010.  During this time, HOW collected more than 600 signatures in support of preserving the property.


Support for this project included King County Council Members and Bothell City Council Members.  Bothell included natural land and forests on its Capitol Projects list thanks to HOW’s efforts.


HOW took part in Salmon release in a stream adjacent to the Boy Scout Property, as well as picketed City Hall for matching funds for the CFT grant.  HOW also assisted with a noxious weed removal project adjacent to the 63.8 acres.  HOW participated in the 2010 annual 4th of July parade in Bothell celebrating successes and educationing the public about the ongoing efforts HOW has made and will continue making on the behalf of the North Creek Forest.  HOW is currently reorganizing and pursuing status as a 501C3 organization to continue efforts benefiting those wishing to donate to our cause.


Our Founder - Sandi Clement


Sandi was born in Saskatchewan, Canada on her grandfather’s farm.  Sandi was influenced early in life by the natural beauty of the land.  When she came to Seattle, Washington at age 20, she fell in love with the majestic rainforests and beauty of what she calls God’s country.  Seeing God’s handiwork in everything surrounding her is her inspiration for striving to save a part of this beauty in her hometown, Bothell.  In the year 2000, Sandi learned of a plan to develop a steep hillside that is the last forest of size in the Bothell area.  She spearheaded friends and neighbours into a group of concerned citizens dedicated to the preservation of a corridor of habitat and waterways that impact an even larger area surrounding Bothell all the way to the Puget Sound.


Sandi’s Favorite Quote of the Week:

“Do or do not. . . There is not try”.  Yoda



HOW’s mission is the preservation of the 63.8 acres, 6 land parcels, known as the Boy Scout Assemblage.  HOW’s mission includes keeping this acreage in it’s natural state in order to keep this invaluable ecosystem intact in perpetuity for now and future generations.


It is the intent of HOW to always pursue preservation possibilities from governmental bodies and private citizens with a respectful and thoughtful approach.  HOW believes the only progress made for a better future is one that is made collaboratively.  It is therefore purposed that all members representing HOW shall conduct themselves with an attitude of positive collaboration.  The Board of Directors must approve all efforts made on behalf of the organization.



Sandi Clement - President

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